I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the University of Chicago and a former AEA summer fellow at the Chicago Fed in 2021.

My fields of interest are economic growth and macro labor, with a focus on the interaction between technological and demographic changes and the labor market.

In my job market paper, I study how growth is related to the labor reallocation process using a survey-based measure of innovation.

I will be available for interviews before, during, and after EEA 2021 and ASSA 2022 meetings.

Contact: hjpark0619@uchicago.edu

Here's my CV.

Job Market Paper

  • Growth and Labor Reallocation: Vertical versus Horizontal Innovation [paper] [slides]

Working Papers

  • Rising Skill Premium and the Innovation on Tools [paper] [slides] joint with Younghun Shim

  • Labor Market Sorting over the Business Cycle [paper] [slides]

Work in Progress

  • Age Sorting in the Labor Market [abstract] [slides] joint with Toshiaki Komatsu